What’s holding you back?

You can expand your vision, which can reveal what really matters to you and how to obtain it.

As a an open-minded leader or professional who desires to grow and develop, there is often a gap between your heart and your mind if you haven’t been taught how to unite these two powerful aspects of yourself. This dilemma will hinder your progress. We can’t truly be self-aware until we become brain aware; otherwise our brain is too easily hijacked and distracted. Too busy all the time. Not focused. Not as efficient or productive as you could be. Ineffective communication style. Feeling insecure. Not engaged in what really matters to YOU.

Our brain is also fantastic at creating, ‘self-fulfilling prophecy.’ Wouldn’t it be impact ful if you could more consciously create the self-fulfilling prophecy that supported greater success and happiness in your life? Peace of mind?

Imagine if…

  • you had an unshakable self-worth, the confidence to lead effectively and deal with change and other work and life challenges, fluidly and with resilience.
  • you had greater clarity, focus and time management ability so that you accomplish dreams and goals with ease and enthusiasm.
  • you could communicate and connect with others at work and at home in ways that bring more joy, passion, and fulfillment in your everyday life.

“What is keeping you from
experiencing the life you truly
desire to live, is the disconnection
between your mind and your heart.”

Life is a never-ending journey,…

…and how you experience it will depend on your awareness of the technology of your brain to either support or interfere with this process. Your over-thinking head has a tendency to not put your heart into it when you are reaching for your goals. That’s why you need Science with Soul in order to accelerate your professional and personal development. And, the best way to learn is within the context of your real-life experiences at work and in your personal life. As you learn new skills, such as leadership development, communications, and creative strategic thinking, you can learn these new brain technology skills using the new insights from neuroscience broken down and applied in everyday, understandable language and techniques.

My Be YOU, Magnificently! Coaching Program will help you to reconnect with your purpose, passion and personal presence, more authentically, YOU. You can become more positively influential in the lives of others. When you come from the clarity of your inner Essence, your genuine confidence can shine through. I am here to guide and support you in this process. To contact me to learn more, CLICK on the button below:

Who do you think you are?

Who we think we are determines our level of self-esteem/worth, confidence and how we show up in life in general. Discover how our brain creates the ‘autobiographical memory’ of our sense of identity so that you can consciously influence this process to your benefit. Otherwise, constantly feeling insecure will be something you will have to continue to live with. Having peace of mind alongside having enjoyable work and personal relationships no longer need be elusive or mutually exclusive.

If you are interested in connecting your head to your heart and living a more purposeful, successful and fulfilling life, then you can contact me now to learn more:

What Clients Are Saying…

  • Valencia, your wisdom has been an important part of my journey which has come so far. My relationship with my daughter is better than ever, my small LLC just made Inc. Magazines top 500/5000 national listing for top company in the nation, I have reconciled with a very important family member, my friendships and relationships are full of love and deep connection.my 5 million dollar business is reaching new levels I never thought I would reach and I am coaching a special needs cheer team . a dream of mine! I am creating, dreaming and helping others more than I imagined and not drained and tired.I feel like this is only the beginning. Thank you for all of your guidance and support!

    ~ Therese Glorioso Kovatch, RN, BSN, President QualCare, LLC

    Therese Glorioso Kovatch
  • Valencia Ray has greatly influenced my life both personally and professionally. She opened my eyes to the power of the mind and the heart to create the life that I want. Personally, I am more peaceful and much happier than ever before. Professionally, I have become a more focused and effective business leader. The Valencia Ray approach is as holistic and effective as I could ever have hoped for. In addition, she is such a pleasure to work with and know.

    ~ ROBERT VIOLA, Polaris Creative President/Creative Director

  • With amazing insight, Dr. Ray listens, guides and questions, leading engaged participants into a new awareness, helping release habitual, unproductive patterns and instilling confidence and skill for experiencing work (and life!) more joyfully. In just a few months, Dr. Ray was able to achieve what other coaches have not, zeroing in on unproductive thoughts and behaviors and teaching alternative methods of embracing work and life, with surprisingly immediate and positive results.

    ~ Margie Morris, CEO, President Morris Ink Advertising Agency

    Margie Morris

This call is all about you; we will dive deep into understanding what is the gap right now between your mind and heart and what is keeping those two things from being connected. Im going to ask you powerful questions and you will have clarity around whats blocking the connection between your heart and mind and a plan for reconnecting these two important parts of yourself so that you can perform at your best and have greater well-being.

Click the button below to learn more. I look forward to our insightful conversation!