Are you one of the millions of leaders/professionals who still do not realize that you have the power to affect how your DNA impacts your well-being and performance?


What if you could learn how to access this hidden
‘superpower’ within you to perform at your best?

Are you an open-minded leader or professional who desires to grow, expand their vision? Many leaders and professionals are struggling with balancing a desire to
be successful in their careers with leading a fulfilled, healthy and relationally happy life. What if this seemingly impossible to solve dilemma is totally possible to solve if
you had more updated relevant ways of accessing your ability to change and grow more easily?

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt and feeling truly confident within yourself as a leader?
  • Do you find yourself constantly struggling with just ‘not enough’ time, energy or money?
  • Have plenty of money…just no energy or time to enjoy it?
  • Are you lacking a sense of purpose, joy or passion for your work or in your personal life?
  • Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others and struggling with insecurity?
  • Would you like to learn how to empower yourself?

What if there was a different way?…

Without a functional understanding of how to use the technology of your own brain, feeling overwhelmed, too busy and out of control will continue to be a challenge you will just have to live with. You can now easily learn this skill with The NeuroReInvention Prescription, which shows you how to reclaim greater clarity, confidence, and creativity.

This lack of understanding is typically the source of stress in your mind and body that can lead to poor sleeping habits, feeling frustrated and disorganized and causing damage to your relationships. It can affect your ability to develop your leadership and communication skills to better engage others. Without being able to expand your self-awareness and access your hidden inner superpower of your mind with heart connection, your life will continue to feel lonely, empty and lacking joy, passion and purpose. Yet, you are not alone.

Being willing to say yes with courage is the first step. Not changing can lead to habits that are addictive and that sabotage your life and all you have worked so hard to build. Ignoring how you feel and not having a way of more easily changing what is no longer working will continue to cause you and others to simply ignore the elephant in the room. We often see there’s something wrong; but we continue to pretend it is not there because we don’t know how to deal with it. How will this continue to spiral down your life if you never deal with it? Sometimes there are things going on around us that we can’t control; yet if you knew how, you could still control how it impacts you personally. Now, the good news is that there’s a new way that you can begin to take back the steering wheel of your mind and empower yourself, even right down to impacting beneficially your own DNA

You are about to discover

  • …What keeps YOU from performing at your best and becoming a more effective inspirational leader
  • …What is keeping YOU from freeing your own mind from worry, self-doubt and joyless living
  • …What is keeping YOU from having more passion, purpose, and personal presence in your life, both at work and at home

Reconnect your Mind with Heart for Greater Leadership Success

The way through this challenge is to re-establish the power of the connection between your mind and heart by learning your brain technology at the same time you are learning new leadership, communication, strategic creative thinking and personal development skills. You have this powerful ability to positively transform even your DNA, which make your new changes sustainable. You can literally retrain your own brain for change that allows you to begin to lead more confidently and effectively and live a life that is…

  • …more meaningful and joyful
  • …more passionate and creative, with time for the people and activities you enjoy
  • …in alignment with your values and goals for your career and dreams

Without this connection between the mind and heart you will have to continue to deal with the challenges that rob you of your vitality, health and well-being. That lead to stress and over activity. Challenges that can zap enjoyment from your work and personal life relationships. The solution is to learn how to reconnect your mind and heart so that you can have the insight, courage and resilience to be who you really are. To make the unique impact, that only you can make.

  • …You can then come from a place of inner confidence, calm and clarity.
  • …You are more likely to make wise choices that see the big picture in decision-making instead of short-term quick fix solutions that fail almost as quickly as they are put into place.
  • …You can feel good about life and laugh more again!

And this is what I help my clients do because I once lived with this disconnection of mind from heart for decades. I understand the challenges; I had virtually all of them at one-time. I’ve been there and I now embody the power of this new way of thinking, of BEING. You too can learn how to do this and I can guide you along the journey.


It is a process that combines, Science with Soul – Mind with Heart


Imagine if…

  • You had an unshakable self-worth, the confidence to effectively deal with change and other work and life challenges fluidly and with resilience.
  • You had greater clarity, focus and time management ability so that you accomplish dreams and goals with ease and enthusiasm.
  • You could communicate and connect with others at work and at home in ways that bring more joy, passion and fulfillment in your everyday life.

You are not alone; this frustration of feeling stuck and not tapping your greater potential is
widespread and we don’t have to take it anymore!

After working with me clients can walk away with…

  • A greater level of self-awareness and empowerment
  • Improved communication with colleagues, team members and friends
  • Relationship skills to connect with and influence others through inspiration
  • Clarity about what’s most important in their life
  • Action plans for achieving new goals with greater clarity of vision
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence

What Clients Are Saying…

  • Dr. Valencia Ray has a unique ability to synthesize all that we are learning about neuroscience and the brain into a succinct, relevant, insightful and supremely practical set of principles that are essential for any one seeking to improve personal effectiveness. From the junior associate learning how to assimilate into the work force to the CEO tackling globalization, Dr. Ray’s profound approach to emotional intelligence and self-management is priceless.

    – Aleen Bayard, Adjunct Professor Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business.

    Aleen Bayard
  • Dr. Valencia Ray recently spoke to my Leadership team about her 5 Principles to Perform at Your Best. My leadership team and I were highly engaged and we found her ability to demystify complex subjects such as the brains system and neuroscience very enlightening. Additionally through interactive exercises we learned how to eliminate potential blind spots and stress that can impact our performance as leaders. We were amazed how quickly the time flew by and we were left wanting more! I highly recommend her process to leaders looking to perform at even higher levels.

    – Executive Vice President Banking and Financial Services

    Executive Vice President
  • Our organization has had the pleasure of having Dr. Valencia Ray speak to us on two occasions, once in 2012 on, Be YOU, Magnificently. and again in 2014 on Leadership BEYOND Gender. Dr. Ray not only speaks knowledgeably and passionately about her subjects, she has a knack for engaging her audience through the use of personal anecdotes, questioning techniques and interactive activities. She is a dynamic speaker who will not only educate your group, but keep them entertained, as well. You will appreciate how this former eye surgeon will help you see many things from a different perspective.

    – Karen Kazmierski, Member Relations Plainfield Chamber of Commerce

    Karen Kazmierski
  • I have had the pleasure to know Dr Ray for a little over a year. I have heard her speak a number of times, and was so impressed I had her Speak to a Forum Group of mine in World Presidents Organization (WPO) Chicago Chapter recently. The entire group were impressed with her skill set, thought provoking talk and work sessions. We continued our own discussions on her topics over dinner long after her formal presentation. I would highly recommend her to any business group, team leader, looking to stretch themselves more, and understand whats really possible.

    – Patrick Borg, Owner/President at NEFF of Chicago

    Patrick Borg
  • I recently attended a presentation given by Dr. Valencia Ray during the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Conference, hosted at the Harvard School of Medicine Conference Center. Her talk on, Making Friends with the Emotional Brain, Makes Change Easier was put into action in real-time when technology failed and she could not access the slides that she had prepared. Instead of being hijacked by the situation, Dr. Ray gave an outstanding presentation, which included neuroscience information, metaphors, case studies and personal stories. She enthusiastically held my attention as I watched her walk the talk of her subject matter. I whole-heartedly endorse her as a captivating speaker.

    – Darby Fetzer, Audience Participant

    Darby Fetzer
  • I recently had the good fortune of attending one of Valencia Rays workshops at a NAWBO breakfast meeting that I facilitate, Being YOU, Magnificently. Her knowledge and experience comes out in spades! She presents some very complex scientific concepts in a usable and relatable format. The exercises she has her attendees do hit the mark 100%. She scored high ratings from all the attendees! It was time well spent. I personally will use intentional meditation moving forward!

    – Bobi Siembieda, Conrad Business Results

    Bobi Siembieda


You can lead by example. You can take back the steering wheel of your mind and sit back in the driver’s seat of your life with intention. You can become a more creative, innovative, effective leader and professional. A happier human being.

Are you ready to reconnect your mind with your heart? You can contact Valencia to learn more now: