Be YOU, Magnificently!

Access your inner essence to perform at your best

Combining cutting edge neuroscience with the power of self-awareness

“I help leaders and professionals gain clarity, confidence and creativity by helping you see the hidden forces which are holding you back. You will learn how to become a better operator of your brain to unleash more of your capacity for transformation and growth.”

Valencia Ray, MD


You Have the power to affect how your DNA impacts
your well-being and performance.

“If we do not learn how to retrain our own brain, we will never empower ourselves enough to reach the potential and happiness that we all crave. Our conditioned brain will continue to sabotage our best effects or at best, make life very challenging to live.”


  • What Keeps YOU from performing at your best and becoming a more effective inspirational leader
  • What is keeping YOU from freeing your own mind from worry, self-doubt and joyless living
  • What is keeping YOU from having more passion, purpose, and personal presence in your life, both at work at home

The NeuroReInvention® Prescription shows how to reclaim greater clarity, confidence and creativity.


Your brain and consciousness run your life and your experiences of life

Our true capabilities and talents lie hidden within us until we learn how to “take back the steering wheel of our mind.” This is not about “fixing” yourself, you are not broken; It is about learning and growing to reach more of your true potential. Learn how to “optimally operate” your amazing brain within the context of leadership and life. You can then accelerate self-awareness to live with greater clarity, passion and confidence with less stress.


The Journey to Be YOU, Magnificently

The heart of my message is, Be YOU, Magnificently. The journey to walking out and aligning with these three simple words has been paradoxically one of my greatest challenges. This journey is about opening out a way for your inner Essence to emerge, to allow this magnificence to unfold from within. It’s not ‘out there’ for you to find. It is a matter of reconnecting your mind with your heart and shifting those blind spots that keep you from reaching this greater potential. I can help guide you so that you are supported on this journey and it can be much easier and faster for you than it was for me traveling this path over the past few decades.


3 Ways Emotional Resiliency Builds Confidence

Emotion and feelings are powerful allies – or foes, depending on how you perceive them. They have been given a bum rap in our culture. We are in general, afraid of feelings. We are taught to repress and ignore them and that somehow, their presence indicates that we are weak or wimps. Yet, emotion and the feelings produced are our guideposts for how we are perceiving ourselves, others and our lives. They are the energy in motion within our bodies that runs our life, they are the key component of our life force energy.

Emotion and feelings are powerful allies – or foes, depending on how you perceive them. They have been given a bum rap in our culture. We are in general, afraid of feelings.


The NeuroReInvention Prescription

NeuroReInvention is a word I coined several years ago, to declare that, in the midst of our call to reinvent ourselves, we also must give attention to the source of what is at the root of how we created our present circumstances or situations in the first place – our mind. Neuroscience is finally becoming a hot topic. The awareness that we have more control than we’ve realized over our brain’s processes that influence our lives is a very important one. The power of the heart’s influence on our cognition and behavior is also now being recognized. Typically, when we decide to reinvent our career or lives, we go straight to taking actions upon the 3D world and moving about the pieces of our outer lives and environment. We quit our jobs, get divorced, move across the country or change our friends. What we don’t realize is, you take you with you wherever you go.