Is It Truly Visionary Leadership or Are We Just Waking Up?

Leadership and vision is something I’ve been dealing with all of my life on different levels. From student government, asking questions that irritated those around me that questioned the status quo to literally growing up and becoming an entrepreneur and eye surgeon before selling my practice. Vision and leadership are themes in my life in a very personal and experiential way.

Our world has been operating so backwards for the past few thousand years or so that those first who are starting to wake up (including myself) are often dubbed as “visionary”. Pretty much everything that I talk about and what media pronounced “thought leaders”, best-selling authors and others share is simply ancient wisdom spoken in terms of today’s language. It’s just a new cycle of old information.

Yet, to us it is a “revelation”; hence, it seems new to today’s world. If you are brave enough to look inside, you might notice that on some level, you “already know this”. Of course, everything is relative. I’m just happy to see this conversation beginning to make its way into conversations on public platforms.

We need courageous “enlightened” inspired leaders who can turn on the light and see their own inner authentic light so that they can see:

1. The light in others
2. See new possibilities for innovation
3. Let their light – and hence their Life shine!

It takes courage to break free from old programming and inner tapes that dim our light. It’s like the dark cave allegory by Socrates. The inhabitants were in fear of their shadow (as many people today are scared of their own inner “shadows”) in their ignorance. One brave soul makes up his or her mind and made their break into the sunlight, only to realize, freedom was only a few steps away.

She or he realizes that the illusion of the shadows on the cave walls was the equivalent of the “boogeyman under the bed”. Yet, when the one who had set himself free was rejected when he went back inside to tell the others that their shadow illusion was to be transformed by coming out into the light… as I said, nothing new under the sun.

The good news is, now that our environment has shifted so far so fast, we are being shaken out of our caves! The earth is rumbling under our feet metaphorically, and if we don’t run out of the cave, we may just be crushed by it. In order to be the type of “in the light” inspirational leader that is needed in today’s world, one will need to leave the cave and inspire others to do the same.


Innovation: The Power of “How”

Innovation can happen in a “2 Degree Shift”, meaning the answer you seek could be right in your face…if you could only perceive it! Have you ever heard the old adage, “If it were a snake it would have bit me?” (Meaning what you were looking for was right in front of you but you did not see it). It is not just a matter of what you want, what you need to consider is “how” you are looking at:

1. People
2. Situations
3. Circumstances

Also, slow down and consider “why” you want what you want so that:

1. You can engage your heart – your source of passion and courage to persevere
2. You can align with and for some, discover, your core values
3. You can really want the results when you get (think “receive”, preferably) them

Many people are running themselves ragged trying to “get there” and if they make it, it feels like a hollow victory. Why? They did not make the time to reflect on their true inner values, why they wanted it in the first place or what is the best “how” to get there in a way that is with ease/less stress, meaningful and sustainable…seeking true innovation, maybe even invention.  Many people have lost themselves in “doing”, so much so they feel disconnected – from their own heart and from others. Life is more than about getting what you “think” you want. How about slowing down and reflecting, reconnecting with what you are truly passionate about? Truth be told, you won’t be able to have the peace of mind, be able to fluidly adapt to change and let go of the “time wasting” activities until you deal with:

1. Your “story”
2. Recognizing that “you take you with you” wherever you go; “Life” is not out to get you – you are “co-creating” your experiences
3. “How” you see your self and others – “Reality” is not objective; it is subjective

“Reality is an illusion; albeit a very persistent one” ~Einstein


I Believe What I Believe Until….

…I change my mind. Seasons change.  And you have a birthright and choice to change yours too when it is expedient to do so. It’s not about what you believe as “right or wrong” as much as is it expanding your sense of “self-actualization” (as Maslow would have said) compassion, love, purpose and meaning – for yourself and those you interact with.

Does it expand your light and your vision for your life or does it keep you in the darkness of fear?

Beliefs are simply thoughts with feelings that get wired into our body/mind and color our perception of our self and our life. Then they become our habits and habits can create “blind spots” – even “cataracts of the soul”. (Must be the eye surgeon in me). These are misperceptions that can keep you from seeing your true potential. As Warren Buffet is to have said:

“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”

Habitual ways of thinking can make or break your business endeavors, your personal and business relationships, your influence and even your health. Fortunately, habits can be broken easier when you are more self-aware. You are not just a victim of circumstances. No, your circumstances are the result of your true beliefs, i.e., the way that you think and feel.

We are conditioned to believe (there’s that word again) that we should never change our minds – that just because we were “raised that way”, we have to cling on to the beliefs and values of others, even though it doesn’t feel authentic. This will keep you from being, “YOU, Magnificently”. You are created with a particular purpose and uniqueness that no one can fully replicate. If you are able to let go of the beliefs that keep you imprisoned in your mind, you will be able to bring forth your gifts and talents that are meant to impact your world, maybe even “The World” in a highly visible and public way. Both ways are important to the whole of humanity. No one is insignificant.