Passion Fuels Potential; Anxiety Will Wear You Out

If there is no survival fear to drive us, what would then motivate us to accomplish goals? If we were not feeling inadequate, would we be driven to achieve? My response was that we have other options that are healthier and more effective and efficient than driving ourselves mercilessly. Based upon my experience as having once lived fully embracing the survival of the fittest paradigm as the way life is, I no longer buy into this.

Are You Caught in a Vicious or Virtuous Cycle?

Self-awareness is crucial to understand for self-empowerment. How can we know what we don’t know if we don’t know? One of the most important concepts to know in life is the axiom, Know Thyself. Why is this important? If we do not have a good firm, self-aware understanding of what is really important and valued for us, we are very susceptible to falling prey to distraction, the seemingly ubiquitous, Busy Trap.

Taking Leadership BEYOND Gender Roles

Authenticity implies uniqueness. It’s an intersection, an integration of one’s heart and mind. It is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. So why do we think that male bodies all think, feel and act the same? Why are ‘women’ supposed to behave like (fill in the blank). Can you honestly, if you are a woman go up to another woman and say, Hey, I think, feel and act just like you, because I’m a woman too! Hahaha that’s ridiculous!

The Authenticity to Be YOU, Magnificently.

Be YOU, Magnificently. The journey to aligning with these three simple words has been paradoxically one of my greatest challenges! What began with the grounding of my branding message from idea to form turned into what has felt like a testing of my courage and commitment to my life purpose. I had no idea really of just how much armor I was still carrying around my heart when I first decided upon choosing these three words for my tagline a few years ago. Talk about living into your brand ! I must say it’s not been easy yet it’s been soooo worth it. If I never share my decades of lessons learned from my ‘shero’ life journey, which includes my professional/business journey, my own personal development has greatly benefited.

Authenticity: Casting Off the Shackles of Shame

Would it be helpful to you if you could shift your feelings toward confidence and joy ‘on demand’ like changing the cable channel? How about dialing up gratitude or self-love in a way that feels genuine, not just disingenuous platitudes? There is already objective research proving that when we change the meaning assigned to an experience, it can turn off our fear provoking amygdala area of our brain. The more we practice this, the more confident and resilient we can become.

Mindset: Is Your Reality Really an Illusion?

You may be thinking, Of course my reality is real, I’m looking right at it; seeing is believing. Well, I know that’s the only part we’ve been generally taught. Yet, behind this is a deeper truth; believing is seeing. This is the essence of perception we see what we believe. How we focus matters. We find what our brain perceives to be true often based upon past conclusions drawn, accurate or not. What we focus on expands. Neuroscience evidence supports this concept now.

Straight Talk on Self-Talk to Improve Your Performance

Gosh, what a stupid mistake I made. I’ll never be able to_________. I’m too old to learn ________.

Have these or similar thoughts ever run through your mind before? Do they happen on a regular basis? If so, you may want to learn how to, Reign in Your Brain. Self-talk is essentially the inner dialogue we have with ourselves that can be either positive or negative, though unfortunately it seems to be typically not very self-supportive for many people.

Is This You? – But We’ve Always Done it This Way

Is the strong tendency to resist change just the way we are? Are we just born that way? Are our brains, just made that way? Simply put, the answers are no, no and no. Now I know there are those who will dismiss this as just B.S. in a derogatory way, but I would argue that if it is B.S., the B.S. should stand for Belief System. It is our belief systems that wire our brain and mind in the manner that leads us to generally fear and run away from change.

Leadership: Leading with Your Authentic Self

Does leadership really have a gender? Is leadership really, male or female? As a female, am I stuck with certain behaviors just because I’m female? I think not. Can we start moving our conversations on leadership BEYOND gender? Many people incorrectly believe that leadership style is determined biologically by one’s gender, as exemplified by business conversations in the media on Male Leadership versus Female Leadership comparisons.

Can You Be a Good Coach Leader without Vision and Strategy?

Can you be an effective leader without clarity of vision and strategy for yourself and your team? Think about this a moment ! Stop here a moment and focus on this question.

Did you notice that by focusing on this question, you had to give your attention to it? When you focus, you are tapping into the brain’s basic navigating tool. You had to make a decision to turn away other thoughts floating through and focus on the question at hand. Focus is a basic way that the brain operates to guide your choices. What you focus on expands in your awareness. What you give your attention to is sending a command to your nervous system that the object of attention is your goal for better or for worse. When you coach and engage your team into creating a clear vision and strategy, you are increasing their focus on where the company wants to go. Of course, allowing people into the process not only increases the likelihood of ownership; innovative ideas could also be an added benefit.