Hi, I’m Valencia!

If you are searching for some high level answers to accelerate your leadership and personal/spiritual development you’ve come to the right place. The reason I am able to help you and how I found these solutions is because not too long ago, I actually was you – let me explain how I got to this place.

I talk about what I talk about because I know what it was doing to me then – not good – and how I feel and experience life now – quite wonderful – …and continuously getting better. I know that what I do and talk about is my higher level expression of my life purpose which is, to ‘Restore Vision’ and now I am committed to sharing what I’ve learned with YOU. Doing this is to save you time, effort, money and for many of you – a lot of unnecessary pain and frustration in your own life. It’s to support you to reach more of your greater potential much faster also, so that you too can share your purpose and talent with the world in a greater capacity. Of course, I love doing what I do and meeting the people I meet. I love to learn, grow and expand – so yes, there’s something in it for me also.

I sold my medical eye surgery business and I use my expertise in neuroscience to continue to pursue this new arena of restoring vision within a leadership and personal development context. Everything I share has come through hard won lessons of personal transformation. I struggled with self-doubt, feeling alone on the inside while looking happy and successful on the outside. I felt like a fake. I struggled with insecurity, with negative self-talk, comparing myself to others in overly competitive ways, alienating others in relationship and feeling never ‘enough.’ Stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled. I was at one point, even a workaholic. I remember asking myself, ‘Is this all there is to life?’…after having accomplished all of my then goals of all the money I wanted, having the relationship, social prestige and material possessions that I so highly coveted and even looking good physically by my own hard-to-satisfy standards at that time.

The solutions I share are not theory for me. It was ‘hard won’ because decades ago, personal transformation in general was a lonely, arduous journey and I’ve had to actually do and apply what I share with you. As far as I am concerned, ‘walking the talk’ is not optional. Sure, we all may trip or stumble, but the key is to learn how to get up as fast as possible and keep on going! Now I can act as a guide for you to show you the way, so that you can transform the obstacles in your mind and heart much easier by accessing both science and soul to support your intellect and access your heart wisdom. This can accelerate your path to your greater potential and peace of mind. And… just maybe we can all make the world a happier and more enjoyable place in the process!

I now serve and support open-minded leaders and professionals who desire to accelerate their leadership and personal growth and ‘take back the steering wheel of their mind’. My processes engage the superpower of ‘Mind with Heart’. My clients are currently dissatisfied in some particular area, primarily professionally and of course, there is a personal side to behavior change as well. There is a desire for quantum leap progress in their own lives and to have an inspirational impact on others.

What Can you Expect?

Outcomes for coaching with me include a greater ability to control your feelings of stress or overwhelm. Becoming a more inspirational, engaging and effective leader. A greater sense of purpose, passion and meaning. Clarity, confidence, courage. Forming healthy, supportive relationships. More inner peace and expression of creativity including the ability to face your fears with courage instead of running away. Getting to know who you really are. If this sounds of interest to you, I may be of service to you by providing in depth coaching experiences, facilitation seminars or keynote presentations that focus on leadership development, communications and the creative strategic process. What makes me different is that I provide a holistic viewpoint, Science with Soul. To learn more, you can explore my website, here at ValenciaRay.com. Thanks for visiting!

Vision and Mission

What is my purpose? It’s to Restore Vision

What is my vision? It’s to inspire others to co-create an abundant, whole life.

What is my mission? It’s to guide you to learn how to empower yourself and free your own mind.