‘Not Enoughness’ feeds insatiable Busyness and vice versa…

Busyness feeds insatiable ‘Not Enoughness’. We can change this.


    You can restore your vision,

    YOU can empower yourself.

    The ‘Cult of Busyness’ is only one side effect of not understanding how to ‘optimally operate’ your amazing brain. Other side effects include, LACK OF:

    • Self-awareness
    • Spiritual connection
    • Focus
    • Empathy
    • Confidence/Self-esteem
    • Money
    • Discipline
    • Self-worth
    • Health and vitality
    • Happiness and joy
    • A sense of purpose
    • Clarity
    • Passion
    • Motivation
    • Connection to others
    • Skillful communication
    • Creativity
    • Mental agility/adaptability

    …and it is at the root of stress and overwhelm!

    The good news is that you can change your brain and learn how to take back the steering wheel of your mind. Learn more about ‘The Art and Science of NeuroReInvention’ (NRI) so that you can begin to reach more of your greater potential and perform at your best.


    What Clients Are Saying…

    • Dr. Valencia Ray has a unique ability to synthesize all that we are learning about neuroscience and the brain into a succinct, relevant, insightful and supremely practical set of principles that are essential for any one seeking to improve personal effectiveness. From the junior associate learning how to assimilate into the work force to the CEO tackling globalization, Dr. Ray’s profound approach to emotional intelligence and self-management is priceless.

      – Aleen Bayard, Adjunct Professor Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business.

      Aleen Bayard
    • Dr. Valencia Ray recently spoke to my Leadership team about her 5 Principles to Perform at Your Best. My leadership team and I were highly engaged and we found her ability to demystify complex subjects such as the brains system and neuroscience very enlightening. Additionally through interactive exercises we learned how to eliminate potential blind spots and stress that can impact our performance as leaders. We were amazed how quickly the time flew by and we were left wanting more! I highly recommend her process to leaders looking to perform at even higher levels.

      – Executive Vice President Banking and Financial Services

      Executive Vice President
    • Our organization has had the pleasure of having Dr. Valencia Ray speak to us on two occasions, once in 2012 on, Be YOU, Magnificently. and again in 2014 on Leadership BEYOND Gender. Dr. Ray not only speaks knowledgeably and passionately about her subjects, she has a knack for engaging her audience through the use of personal anecdotes, questioning techniques and interactive activities. She is a dynamic speaker who will not only educate your group, but keep them entertained, as well. You will appreciate how this former eye surgeon will help you see many things from a different perspective.

      – Karen Kazmierski, Member Relations Plainfield Chamber of Commerce

      Karen Kazmierski
    • I have had the pleasure to know Dr Ray for a little over a year. I have heard her speak a number of times, and was so impressed I had her Speak to a Forum Group of mine in World Presidents Organization (WPO) Chicago Chapter recently. The entire group were impressed with her skill set, thought provoking talk and work sessions. We continued our own discussions on her topics over dinner long after her formal presentation. I would highly recommend her to any business group, team leader, looking to stretch themselves more, and understand whats really possible.

      – Patrick Borg, Owner/President at NEFF of Chicago

      Patrick Borg
    • I recently attended a presentation given by Dr. Valencia Ray during the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Conference, hosted at the Harvard School of Medicine Conference Center. Her talk on, Making Friends with the Emotional Brain, Makes Change Easier was put into action in real-time when technology failed and she could not access the slides that she had prepared. Instead of being hijacked by the situation, Dr. Ray gave an outstanding presentation, which included neuroscience information, metaphors, case studies and personal stories. She enthusiastically held my attention as I watched her walk the talk of her subject matter. I whole-heartedly endorse her as a captivating speaker.

      – Darby Fetzer, Audience Participant

      Darby Fetzer
    • I recently had the good fortune of attending one of Valencia Rays workshops at a NAWBO breakfast meeting that I facilitate, Being YOU, Magnificently. Her knowledge and experience comes out in spades! She presents some very complex scientific concepts in a usable and relatable format. The exercises she has her attendees do hit the mark 100%. She scored high ratings from all the attendees! It was time well spent. I personally will use intentional meditation moving forward!

      – Bobi Siembieda, Conrad Business Results

      Bobi Siembieda
    • Dr. Valencia Ray is that rare combination of brilliant theorist and pragmatic practitioner. Her presentation Leading with the Brain in Mind is a tour-de-force of her important work involving NeuroReinvention. Have you ever wondered how the opposing hemispheres of the human brain cause cognitive dissonance, lead to organizational dysfunction, and yet also can provide a roadmap for realizing work/life balance and a far greater understanding of who we are and what we are capable of achieving? Valencia provides a tantalizing answer to all of this! She is an excellent speaker who connects effectively with her audience. I highly recommend getting a dose of the good Doctor, whether its her talk, writings or coaching. You will be increasing your chances of leading a happier, more balanced existence!

      Jeff Gordon,Managing Director Duff & Phelps


      Jeff Gordon

    You can deepen your spiritual connection. You can love and accept yourself, trust your self, your intuition. You can perceive and apply your own abilities more clearly and encourage the potential in others.

    You can become a heart-minded leader. The heart is our source of inspiration, courage and creativity. You can have more fulfilling and healthier relationships as well as a healthier body. You can feel worthy of your dreams and goals.

    You can have more confidence, self-esteem and passion for life. You can reign over your brain for greater efficiency in applying your technical skills and improve performance with less stress. You can free your own mind. You can…


    …truly, authentically, uniquely, YOU.